Brandspace is born from the union of 3 Little Pix studio and Big Bad Wolf Agency.

Established in Brussels in 2005, 3 Little Pix Studio has been a pioneer in creating audiovisual content, partnering with leading agencies and brands to bring the finest creative ideas to life.

In 2012, Big Bad Wolf Agency was founded, positioning itself as a brand-tech agency, offering immersive experiences to enhance product demonstrations and brand experiences.

In 2023, the merger of Big Bad Wolf and 3 Little Pix gave rise to Brandspace. Specializing in crafting 3D content for brands and 3D product experiences to showcase more and sell more on sales networks.

3 Little Pix Production Studio is founded

3 Little Pix is established. The company quickly specializes in video, 3D and post-production techniques for visual effects (VFX).

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Big Bad Wolf is founded

In order to maximize synergies, Big Bad Wolf, a 'brand-tech' agency, is founded and joins 3 Little Pix on its creative journey.

Brandspace is born from the union of 3 Little Pix Studio and Big Bad Wolf Agency.

Centered on CGI production, Brandspace employs AI and real-time 3D to bring to life the most sensational shopping experiences across expansive sales networks.

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